October 15, 2019 


DSRA Annual Referee Registration and Re-certification steps

  1. Create/update your profile in the US Soccer Learning Center

  2. Complete required US Soccer registration & re-certification steps

      • Online training (cost $20)

      • SafeSport online training (18 & over only, no fee)

      • Online background check (18 & over only, $30 fee, good for 2 years)

  3. Register for required Delaware re-certification steps in the Learning Center (Grassroots referee $55, Regional referee $90, Regional emeritus $55)

  4. Complete Delaware re-certification steps (outside of Learning Center platform)

  5. Create Arbiter account and profile (for referees w/o Arbiter accounts)

  6. Upon completion of all Delaware requirements, the registration & re-certification process is complete, and you will receive your badge.

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