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Clinic Update

Starting time for the Advanced Clinic on Jan 24, 2015 at Easter Seals has been moved to 9:30am

Easter Seals Saturday  1/31/15

See Clinics Page for details and sign up information.

Physical Fitness Requirements Update

Updates to the Fitness requirements


All, as many of you are aware the USSF Fitness requirements have changed. Here is a summary of the requirements that the State of Delaware is applying in accordance with the USSF rules


Grade 6 and above are required to pass the FIFA Fitness Test


Grade 7, 8, 9 do not require the completion of a Fitness test, However the State of Delaware is requiring referee to pass the Cooper Fitness test to officiate the following leagues in Delaware: Adult League, Champions League (Previously Premiere and Colonial) starting with the 2015 season

ˇ Assignors will be provided the list of referees that have passed the fitness requirements prior to the season starting

ˇ Grade 6 that pass the FIFA Fitness test will be exempt

ˇ Referees that complete the same test during the High school fitness test will be exempt if a Delaware SRC member is present during the test.

Note: if you are a Grade 7 Referee and aspire to upgrade we recommend you first watch or practice the FIFA Fitness Test as it is very challenging

Physical Fitness Testing Dates

ˇˇ January 24 date has been cancelled.  A new date will be set at ta later date.



For all requirements related to grade maintenance or up grade please check the website.




Cooper Test requirements




12 min run




2400 Meters

2200 Meters

2000 Meters

Speed test 50 M dash


9 Sec

Speed test 200M



40 sec


FIFA Fitness test




Sprint Test

6 consecutive 40 Meters, Dynamic start , if 1 fail you get one more run Within 10 sec per sprint

2 Sprints

Interval Test

See Graph below,

10 laps of 150 M run within 45 sec , 50 M walk within 45 sec

2 fail areas within prescribed time


Recertification Clinics 2015

Recertification clinics for Grade 9 and Grade 8 have been posted

Grade 6 , Grade 7 , and Emeritus Grade recertification clinic has been posted

CLICK "Annual Recertification" in left column

New Entry Level Referee Clinics

Our next NEW REFEREE clinics will be in March, 2015.  Information will be posted when dates are finalized.

  For information concerning Clinics being offered

                      see the "Clinics" link for details



For questions or information contact info@socrefde.com.









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