April 19, 2014 



New State Referee Administrator

Andrew Dennis



Andrew Dennis

Andrew Dennis has accepted the position of State Referee Administrator. Andrew is a Delaware resident who has 28 years as a referee achieving the grade of National Referee. Andrew is currently a State Referee who actively works our amateur and youth leagues.

New SYRA   Kelly Cardner

After many years of dedicated service, Greg Luna has retired from the SYRA position in Delaware.  Greg will remain active in Delaware Soccer and the State Referee Committee.

Kelly Cardner has accepted the position of SYRA.   We all look forward to working with her in this new endeavor.

2013 Region 1 Tournament Referees

Dave Nare, Darren Walters, Bobby Cordrey, Randy Von Steuben, Jesse Callery, Greg Luna, Mike Janis

Congratulations to Frank Herkes

Frank was nominated and awarded LIFE TIME membership in US Soccer for his dedication and longevity of service to the Delaware Soccer Referees Association and to soccer in general.

Our  heart felt thanks and admiration go to Frank on this achievement.

Young Referees of the Year


 Samantha Procak                                  Drew Hoffmann

Samantha Procak and Drew Hoffmann were selected Young Female and Young Male Referee of the year for their  consistent and outstanding performance and dedication to the game.  They were presented gifts from OFFICIAL SPORTS including a referee uniform and accessories.

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